Campaign: Help us identify the very worst 'grot spots' in Milton Keynes - and we'll try to do something about them

The Citizen is launching a campaign to rid MK of its 'grot spots' that should be removed, repaired or renovated.

Wednesday, 28th April 2021, 4:53 pm

Though Milton Keynes has some shining examples of beautiful parkland, places and architecture, locals will be aware of some areas that leave a lot to be desired.

We are asking you all to send us examples, with photographs, of a building, development or patch of land that lets the borough down.

It could be a house or shop that's been boarded up for years, a graffiti-covered underpass, or a piece of land that has become an unofficial rubbish dump.

Serpentine Court, one of the biggest grot spots, is due for demolition next year

It could even be a large chunk of a city estate, such as Serpentine Court on the Lakes Estate - although demolition of this well-known eyesore is already planned for next year.

Whatever the grot spot is, the Citizen will question the relevant authority or person to see whether anything can be done to improve it.

Already readers have sent in some suggestions. These include the former Toys R Us store just outside the city centre. This is looking increasingly neglected since the store closed down and is in need of a revamp.

Mellish Court, a block of high rise flats in Bletchley, is another place regarded by some as a grot spot. This too is due to be demolished and replaced with alternative housing.

Mellish Court and the old Toys R Us premises have both been voted grot spots in the past

Another is the Bletchley landfill site, which has been causing occasional nasty pongs and even plagues of flies for nearby resident, including people on the smart Newton Leys estate.

The Drayton site has been operating for the past 30 years and its licence is due to expire in February next year. The operators FCC Environment want to extend it for another 15 years, but MK Council is objecting. However, the company is going to appeal this summer to argue its case.

The Citizen also asked Xplain, the city group that campaigns for better architecture, what it considered the biggest eyesore buildings in MK to be.

Their answer may surprise some people.

Campaign group Xplain thinks the flats are The Hub are 'truly awful'

"The flats development at The Hub at CMK can look truly awful," said an Xplain spokesman.

"One of the reasons it's so ugly is the way it simply crashes to the ground. There are no colonnades or trees to lighten the view and make the pavement a pleasant place to be.

"Another is the way it stands so close to the road. That's because they destroyed the spaciousness of the original public realm to build the wretched thing. Add to that the cheap windows, bleak courtyard and wind-tunnel effect of the tall buildings clustered together, and I'd say it was one of the worst developments in MK."

Please email your MK grot spots, details and photographs to [email protected]