Can you help neglected cat who had to have his ear removed?

A neglected cat arrived at an animal rehoming centre in such poor condition that he had to have his ear removed.

Thursday, 5th September 2019, 6:04 pm

14-year-old Tom, and his 15-year-old mum Angel, were taken to HULA in Aspley Guise.

Both animals’ collars were held on with cable ties, so tight that they had both lost all the fur around their necks.

And Tom had an ear infection that had been left untreated for so long, his outer ear and ear canal had swollen up so much staff could not get drops in the hole to treat it.

Ultimately vets had no choice but to remove his ear and ear canal completely, as well as infected tissue from around Tom’s skull.

Angel had a bad tooth that had been left untreated so it turned into an abscess, which caused her face and eye to swell and become infected.

Fortunately vets removed the tooth and treated the infection, and she recovered quickly.

A HULA spokesman said: “Despite their trauma, Angel and Tom are the friendliest and most cuddly cats you’ll ever meet. Even when they were both unwell, they were still eager for fuss from the staff and volunteers.”

HULA is appealing for help towards Tom’s veterinary bill of £800.

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