Car fanatic from Milton Keynes attempting unusual Guinness World Record

A car fanatic from MK is attempting the Biggest Parade of Chrysler Cars at the Father’s Day Motorfest 2022 event this weekend.

By Olga Norford
Monday, 13th June 2022, 12:32 pm

The attempt is being organised by Chrysler enthusiast Ben Hewer, of Brooklands, who has worked a composite assembler for Red Bull Racing for 16 years.

Ben, 44, has owned a Chrysler 300c since 2017 and began modifying the car for shows, winning Best Modern Muscle Car at the 25th Mopar National Show at Santa Pod and then again at Coventry Motorfest 2021.

Now he aims to get 300 Chryslers on parade and earn himself a Guinness World Record in the process.

The World Guinness attempt has been organised by Ben Hewer of Milton Keynes

Said Ben: “I started attending car shows with the car club 300MOB which won Best Car Club three years in a row at the Motorshow Events Festival of Wheels.

“I wanted to do something different and enquired if there was any Chrysler related records available. To my astonishment the record for biggest parade of Chrysler cars was vacant.

“I applied to Guinness World Records and after 12 weeks was granted permission to officially attempt to set the world record with a minimum of 250 cars, taking to social media to advertise the event.

He added: “It was a slow burner at first but is now picking up momentum. There are a total of 220 cars registered, so only 30 away to set the record, ideally I want to see the number get to 300.”

Ben explained there are so many Chrysler owners in the UK and not all have social media so he’s keen to reach out to as large an audience as possible so is asking people to spread the word if they know someone who owns a Chrysler to get involved.

All those taking part will be eligible to apply for their own official certificate.

Ben added: “There will be convoys arranged so you can drive from Milton Keynes to the venue, arriving from 8am-11am – with the count beginning at midday while you enjoy the free entry to the car show which is great for all ages.

“Chrysler Voyager, 300c, pt cruiser, Neons, Ysploins and various yank tanks will be there.”

For details and to apply to enter visit the website.