Caught on camera - heavily pregnant woman pleads with taxi driver to get off his phone

A heavily pregnant passenger feared for her life after a reckless taxi driver used his mobile phone behind the wheel.

Wednesday, 8th May 2019, 6:33 pm
Caught on camera Anne-Maries picture of the taxi driver

Anne-Marie, from Milton Keynes, was taking a Skyline Taxi on the A5 towards Bletchley on Monday when she spotted her driver on his phone.

The mum-to-be pleaded with the driver to stop but he refused.

She said: “I’m eight months pregnant so I became very emotional at the fact he could have killed me, my unborn baby and himself.

Caught on camera Anne-Maries picture of the taxi driver

“To be honest I was just completely disgusted not only at the illegal driving but the driver’s manner when I asked for him to not use his mobile phone.”

The angry 27-year-old took to Twitter to blast the irresponsible driver, posting a picture of his blatant act of stupidity.

Anne-Marie posted: “Yet another disappointing service from @Skylinetaxis in Milton Keynes...this was AFTER I asked for him to put his phone down and had informed the driver I’m pregnant.”

She then reported the incident to police before filing a complaint against the taxi firm and Aylesbury Vale District Council (AVDC).

Anne Marie added: “The driver was aggressive the whole journey and it was very uncomfortable.

”It’s just ignorant and careless behaviour.”

A spokesman for Skyline Taxis said it has liaised with Anne-Marie and the driver has been suspended from its circuit.

“We understand this has been passed on to the police and we will assist the police with their enquiries.”

Thames Valley Police confirmed: “A report has been made, we are liaising with the aggrieved and an investigation is under way.”

We contacted AVDC for a response but it was not available at the time of going to press.