CCTV captures mysterious mega alarm in Milton Keynes as reason is revealed after Citizen is inundated

We have received dozens of emails about another loud siren in MK

By Reporter
Tuesday, 14th April 2020, 10:54 am
Updated Tuesday, 14th April 2020, 10:58 am

Another super loud siren shook Milton Keynes last week leaving some residents fearful and others curious.

The MK Citizen put out an appeal to try and get to the bottom of the mystery noise, which was heard right across the city.

Too loud to be a car or property alarm many were concerned of the connotations given the state of emergency in the UK.

MK sign

But we believe it was the MK Dons's Stadium MK alarm, triggered by a power surge.

Here's what you have had to say about the siren - which can be heard in the video at the top of this story courtesy of reader Ian Clements.

Reader responses:

The siren may have been some individuals playing the siren from the movie "The Purge" I've already seen a few videos of people doing this in their cars

The alarm is believed to be coming from Stadium MK

Hope this helps


I heard this siren/war noise on the 7th of April 2020. I could hear it from outside my was quite loud. I live in Bletchley. I and my partner have heard this siren before normally early hours in the morning or really late at night .Sounds like warning alarm.

Natalie kunsanama

Not sure if you have had feedback on this... But I can confirm it was the stadium alarm resetting.

Kind regards

Leanne Stone

The siren the reader probably heard is probably the same one as in ‘the purge’ movie. It’s been used by police in America (they won’t be using it again!) and it is probably some fool messing around here in MK whilst on lockdown.

No name given

I read your brief article today (Wednesday 8 April) and also live in West Bletchley. While I didn't hear the loud siren today I definitely heard what I believe is the same noise Ms Woolford described, only it was a few weeks back on 25th March. It was almost midnight and it woke me out of my sleep. I honestly thought it was a war siren! It went on for what felt like an hour, although I can't be sure given that I was asleep when I started; but I did record a short video of it out of my window.

Being close to Bletchley Park I wondered if it came from there but didn't see any reference to the siren the next day in the local news. I haven't been in the area that long so wasn't sure if it was a usual thing but it definitely sounded chilling given the current situation with Covid-19.


Siobhan Adeleke

The siren was possibly from the goodsam app for NHS responders. Mine went off this morning briefly. If you take a look on the goodsam tutorial you might find your answer.

Kind regards


It's the MK Stadium Alarm everyone heard... It's one of the best security systems in world. It would have been test day or being checked over by maintenance dept. This is constantly being bought up by citizens as it can be heard for miles. It is the alarm used if there was, God forbid, ever a terrorist attack or other similar occurrance on the building, at anytime whether at a football match or at any other time.

Thought I'd clarify,

From a current employee of MK Stadium

Hi guys, we did hear similar noise last week around Shenley Church End?


Hi, the noise your articles referring too started since the Corona lockdown in the evenings late after 2200 till much later. I'd hear it after work @ Bletchley Train station all the way to Simpson getting home. It literally sounds like the Air aid siren from wwII. I thought it was something to do with the council or government as the old sirens are still around and in their original placings. But the times it's been going off and length of playing are inconsistent. It possibly could be someone who's bought one and messing around? Either way, we'd love to know the reason as it's driving us mad!



I heard a siren noise on 11th April at 23:40 (it sounds digitally generated and echoes) it started after a period of silence after a neighbour's house party/music came to an end in the Water Eaton Road/Windsor Street area after 23:30. I wonder if this noise is from a drone with a speaker. I think this is a prank given the situation.

No name given

Good evening, the sirens that Dionne Salford heard the other week went off again tonight (11th April) at 11.48pm and lasted for about 20 minutes again. It seems to be happening on a weekly basis. The siren was very loud in west Bletchley and could be heard all the way to Water Eaton Road and to Tattenhoe as well. It is a very loud siren like they used in the war. Could you possibly explain what this noise is As quite a few people in Bletchley are curious as to what it is as no one knows and it quite scary when it goes off.


Lisa Stevens

Following on from your story. Last night around midnight a loud siren was heard across Bletchley. It seemed to be in bursts of three roughly every 10 seconds. I thought I would attach the video for you with audio.

Ian Clements

Hi there,I was drilling thru Internet to check for answer for this kind of siren. I was in the army and fire brigade and I never heard a siren like this. Anyway...I recorded this yesterday night (Saturday April 12th) between 23.47 and 00.05 (EDITOR'S NOTE: same noise as the footage at the top of this video) I live just next to BLUE LAGOON and sound it's coming from's look like the sound coming somewhere from the landfill behind BLUE LAGOON site but at this time it was closed. There is nothing there. At night there is only sand and trees. It was very loud, like coming from up the sky as buildings don't even stop the level of this noise. From yesterday I'm checking everything and now my girlfriend has shown me the MK Citizen website from four days ago. In my opinion this is not normal.

Jan Kowalski