City Alderman demands to know why fuel prices in Milton Keynes seem higher than other places

A local dignitary has called for an investigation into fuel prices in Milton Keynes.

By Sally Murrer
Thursday, 28th July 2022, 11:36 am

Paul Bartlett, a former long-standing councillor and city Alderman, claims local motorists are being “ripped off”.

He says fuel prices in MK are up to 6p per litre higher than in neighbouring Northamptonshire.

“I am appalled at the apparent cartel practices of local fuel stations,” he said. "The car is essential for thousands of Milton Keynes residents and businesses, yet the average price of a litre of petrol is hovering at or above 185.9 pence -despite recent reductions in the cost of crude and processed oil.”

Fuel prices are too high in MK, says city Alderman Paul Bartlett

Alderman Bartlett added: "Traditionally, supermarket prices have been lower than international oil company fuel stations yet even there prices are the same as others.”

He has conducted his own research and has this week seen prices in Northampton at £179.9 and £181.9 at BP fuel stations just a mile off the M1 on the A45.

Yet today, Tesco in Wolverton is charging 185.9 pence per litre, he said.

"Tesco is not alone in charging motorists significantly more in Milton Keynes than in Northampton. All the fuel stationshave some explaining to do to residents and visitors to Milton Keynes to justify the difference.”

Alderman Bartlett says he remembers In the late 1980s, when there were hundreds of complaints from drivers about the cost of fuel in Milton Keynes compared with elsewhere.

He is concerned that without an investigation, perhaps by Milton Keynes Trading Standards, the situation will get worse.

"Of all places, Milton Keynes, the ‘city of the car’, should be competitive. Yet it seems there’s an unwritten rule that petrol prices will not fall when the cost of oil falls and that prices will be kept uncompetitive. It’s a rip off."

According to fuel price tracker website Local Prices, the cheapest place for unleaded petrol in MK is currently Asda on Bletcham Way, where it’s £185.7 a litre.

The most expensive is £205.9 per litre at Newport Pagnell’s Welcome Break service station, followed by the BP garage on Monks Way at Bradwell (£191.9).

Tesco at Wolverton and Monkston is currently selling unleaded at £185.9, as is the Shell garage on Grafton Street and also Esso on Childs Way at CMK.

Morrisons at Westcroft is charging £187.9 a litre.