Clever couple delight residents in Milton Keynes village by dressing up as historical characters for their daily exercise

Neighbourhood police officers have praised a resourceful couple who are keeping villagers entertained every day.

Tuesday, 7th April 2020, 2:48 pm
Updated Tuesday, 7th April 2020, 2:49 pm

Izabela and Lucas Pitcher don incredibly authentic historical outfits every day when they go for their daily stroll, which they have renamed their "costumed constitutional".

They go at the same time every day and residents now wait at their windows trying to guess which era or decade in history they are representing.

Some can even pinpoint it to a single moment, albeit a fictional one - for example Mr Darcy's proposal to Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and Prejudice.

The costumes are incredible

Izabela and Lucas run a business called Prior Attire, which provides hand-made, historically-accurate clothing for re-enactors, museums and historical interpreters. Their garments featured on television and at English Heritage and National Trust properties across the country and events worldwide.

At the beginning of lockdown, Izabela announced of the Prior Attire Facebook page: "Our little project...We will be taking regular walks around our tiny, secluded village as part of the prescribed exercise- but we will be doing it in kit from different eras.

"We get the exercise, the kit gets aired and mended, we get to dress up and the folks in the village can all laugh at us. We will be posting pictures from our costumed walk to fb and here- but also in the village group for kids to have a guess what era it is."

This week Izabela, who has written a book called The Victorian Dressmaker, posted: "I hope you are enjoying these - we are surely enjoying the walks, and the feedback from the village has been great. People are now sitting at the windows and in their gardens waiting for us and enjoying the guessing."

What period is this?

She added: "if you want to join in the dressing up bit, please do, I would love to see photos from other folks doing their daily prescribed walk in style."

Residents say the Pitchers' performances have become the high spot of their day during lockdown.

Even a delighted neighbourhood police officer has praised the couple and posted photos on social media of the couple on different days.

The officer said: "In one of my beautiful villages, a couple have been dressing up in historical period costumes when they go out for their daily walk. What a fab idea to brighten up the day! Residents are waiting for them at their windows and in their gardens, trying to guess the historical periods - from a safe distance of course."

Any guesses?

You can follow the walks on Instagram (#costumedconstitutional) or on Facebook here

Izabela, who is also a qualified teacher, also has a YouTube channel with videos that busting costuming myths and also educational videos showing a variety of clothing through the centuries.

You can view the channel here or view Prior Attire's website here

Getting in character
Another costumed constitutional