'Come with me or die' The shocking message sent by a Milton Keynes primary school girl to her traumatised victim

The school in question says no action can be taken against the girl
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Furious parents have demanded a Milton Keynes primary school take action after a pupil sent a social media message to a classmate threatening her with a knife.

The MK Citizen has decided not to publish the name if the school involved. But the girl who sent the message has a parent who works at the school.

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The child wrote to her victim: "Hello, I have your address. I'm coming to your house. Are you alone? You are. I'm outside your house. I'm coming for you."

The shocking messageThe shocking message
The shocking message

There were then emojis of a long-bladed knife and hand showing a middle finger before the message continued: "I have a knife. Ha ha ha, I see you. Come with me or die."

The victim, who is also of primary school age, said their child was left terrified and shaking from head to foot after reading the message, said an associate of her parents.

"They just couldn't believe that a girl so young could be openly talking about knives. They were horrified and furious - and above all they wanted the school to punish this child and do something about it," she said..

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The parents contacted the school, worried that the children would have to be in the same classroom together, and asked what they planned to do.

"They said they can't do anything at all because the incident happened out of school hours. They even refused to get safeguarding involved, despite my request," said their associate.

"Surely it can't be right that a pupil can do something as bad as that and get away with it totally? The poor victim is so traumatised by it. This has taken bullying to a whole new level."

Other parents have also given their views that a strong deterrent is needed to stop such young children talking so freely about knives. Some have said they would get the police involved as the school has not taken action.

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"It makes you wonder what this world is coming to when a (primary school age child) makes such explicit threats about using a knife. It should be nipped in the bud and the child should be very severely punished to show others that this is not normal or permissible behaviour for any age," said one.

"Whether the offence happened in or out of school, or whether the child is the daughter of an employee, should not make a scrap of difference. Such threatening and horrible behaviour clearly needs to be punished," he added.

The Citizen has not named the primary school to protect the victim. The Citizen tried to speak to the headteacher but we were referred to MK Council instead.

A spokesman for the council said tonight: "We are aware of an incident involving threatening text messages sent between children during half term. Staff at the school acted quickly to separate the pupils involved and will follow all appropriate safeguarding procedures."

The spokesman added: "If any parents have serious concerns, they should contact the police.”