Councillors put the brakes on car cruises in Central Milton Keynes

Councillors have joined forces to put in a gate to stop car cruising in Central MK
Councillors have joined forces to put in a gate to stop car cruising in Central MK

Councillors have joined forces to put the brakes on car cruisers causing problems in Central Milton Keynes.

The car park on South 2nd Street has been a popular gathering point for car fanatics to hold meet ups.
Three weeks ago one such gathering resulted in a young boy being in collision with a car.
It is understood he was riding his scooter among the vehicles.
Luckily the boy was not injured but the three Labour Councillors for Central Milton Keynes acted quickly to stop any further disasters.
The result is a new gate that will make the car park inaccessible to cruisers.
The gate was supplied by Milton Keynes Council, but the management of it is shared by Thames Valley Police and Milton Keynes Development Partnership.
Cllr Moriah Priestley said: “The racing that was happening in Central Milton Keynes was not appropriate and not safe.”
She added: “We are pleased to bring the Council together with the Police and the Development Partnership and to install the gates. This should start to stop the problem.”
Cllr Paul Williams said: “It has meant that the noise and anti-social behaviour has been greatly reduced, though we need to do more to end the problem of racers in the streets of CMK.”
Cllr Pauline Wallis said: “The gates are a great start. But we have to do more. We believe improved policing is needed but the gates are a good first step.”
Milton Keynes Council, Thames Valley Police, Milton Keynes Develop Partnership and other partners will now be starting meetings which will involve residents to explore longer term solutions for addressing speed and safety on grid roads around the city centre.
One option would be for the council to introduce a Public Space Protection Order in the city.
This could lead to so called car cruisers being handed penalty notices of up to £100 each, or even £1,000 if they are prosecuted.
The options will go out to public consultation.