Councillors urge Milton Keynes MP to condemn Boris Johnson over 'Partygate' after police fine

Labour and Liberal Democrats in MK have called on the city’s two MPs to condemn Prime Minister Boris Johnson following his ‘Partygate’ fine.

By Sally Murrer
Wednesday, 13th April 2022, 12:09 pm

But both Ben Everitt and Iain Stewart have as yet remained silent over the matter since Boris Johnson received his fixed-penalty notice for attending a No 10 party during lockdown.

Councillor Pete Marland, Labour leader of Milton Keynes Council, said: “315 local people died with coronavirus in 2020. We now know that at the same time, Boris Johnson, his wife and team enjoyed lockdown-busting boozy parties at No 10. This was all while countless more lost special moments, missed funerals, weddings and crucial life events.”

He added: “Now, it is clear that while we suffered – while we all made huge sacrifices to follow the rules - Boris Johnson and his team were drinking and laughing away. They were laughing at us.

Milton Keynes MPs Iain Stewart (left) and Ben Everitt have not mentioned the Partygate fine

“After weeks of contemptuous lies, the Prime Minister has been caught red-handed. Think back to what you were doing in May 2020 – what you and your loved ones missed, what you sacrificed, what you lost. It is absolutely sickening.”

Councillor Marland said: “I am calling on our Tory MPs, Ben Everitt and Iain Stewart, to join me in condemning this disgusting behaviour, in demanding a full and honest account of what happened – today – and to call for an apology to every single one of us in Milton Keynes who has suffered over these last two years.”

Meanwhile the Liberal Democrats are also calling for Parliament to be recalled immediately so MPs can hold a vote of no confidence in Boris Johnson as Prime Minister.

Local Lib Dem councillor Jane Carr said: “The Conservative MPs for Milton Keynes cannot hide behind lame excuses any longer. It is time for our MPs Ben Everitt and Iain Stewart to sack Boris Johnson. No more ifs or buts.

Boris Johnson has apologised

“Whilst people in Milton Keynes made heart-breaking sacrifices during lockdowns, Boris Johnson and his team were partying in Downing Street.

“We all have painful memories of that lockdown, from not being able to see dying relatives, to being separated for months on end from our friends and family.

“How on earth can Conservative MPs keep supporting a law-breaking Prime Minister and Chancellor?”

The Citizen emailed the MPs’ office yesterday asking if they would like to comment on the local Labour and Lib Dem statements.

So far, we have not received a reply.

Neither MP has mentioned the Partygate fine on their official websites or social media sites.

Boris Johnson was given fixed-penalty notice by Met police for breaking his own Covid laws by attending a party for his birthday in No 10 in June 2020. He has apologised and vowed to continue as Prime Minister.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak and Mr Johnson’s wife Carrie were also penalised for attending the gathering and all three paid their fines this week.

Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak are believed to be the first sitting prime minister and chancellor to be criminally sanctioned in the UK.