Covid vaccines: these are the areas in Milton Keynes with the lowest numbers of people vaccinated

The percentage numbers for people vaccinated in different estates and towns in MK vary considerably, NHS data has revealed.

Thursday, 11th March 2021, 7:22 pm

Since the UK’s vaccination programme started in December more than 23 million people have received their first dose of a Covid-19 vaccine.

In Milton Keynes, 83,301 people - around one third of the population - have now been given at least the first dose of the vaccine.

But it appears that where you live and what your postcode is can make a significant difference in how soon you get the jab.

83,301 people have been vaccinated in MK

The latest NHS figures show 100 per cent of the overs 70s in some areas of MK have been vaccinated, while in others this figure is as low as 90 per cent.

The NHS compiles the figures in two categories - over 70s and over 16s. The latter includes most healthcare and keyworkers.

In the over16s category the discrepancies between postcodes area are greater. The lowest area is Central Milton Keynes and Newlands, where just 18 per cent of the over 16s population has been vaccinated.

The highest areas are Newport Pagnell North, Olney and Lavendon, where 47 per cent people aged over 16 have had their jab.

The difference could partly be due to demographics, in that the lower areas have more young people who have not yet been invited to book a vaccine (the programme is currently on over 55-year-old in MK).

Other 'low' areas include Wolverton and Bradwell, Westcroft and Shenley Brook End, and Oldbrook and Coffee Hall. In all of these, 28 per cent of over 16s have been vaccinated. In Eaglestone and Fishermead the figure is slightly higher at 29 per cent.

'High' areas include Bow Brickhill and Woburn Sands, where 45 per cent of over 16s are now vaccinated, and Bradwell Village, Castlethorpe, Hanslope and Sherington, which all boast 44 per cent.

In the over 70s category, a list of places in MK have a 100 per cent completion rate and are moving on to giving second doses of the jab. These are: Westcroft and Shenley Church End, Two Mile Ash, Great Linford, Giffard Park, Broughton, Furzton, Oldbrook, Bow Brickhill, Woburn Sands, Bletchley South, Walnut Tree, Tilbrook, Hanslope, Castlethopre, Sherington, Stantonbury, Bradwell, Tattenhoe and Emerson Valley.

Other areas, including Newport Pagnell North, Shenley Wood, Grange Farm, Stony Stratford, Wolverton, Woughton and Woolstone all have 99 per cent of the over-70s first dose vaccine completed.

The lowest area for this age group of Eaglestone, where 90 per cent of over 70s have received a jab, followed by 92 per cent in Bradwell Common, Bletchley West and Bletchley East.

The NHS has also released figures for how many care home residents and staff in Milton Keynes have been vaccinated - and some of these results are surprising.

They show 89 per cent of the city's 1,081 elderly care home residents have now been vaccinated. Some 53 of the outstanding residents are described as 'not eligible', while the remaining 117 are down as 'not yet vaccinated'.

But for MK's 1,682 care home workers, it is a different picture.

Of these, 1,017 have received their first Covid jab. Another 131 are described as not eligible, while 665 are yet to be vaccinated. This equates to 40 per cent of the total number of care home workers in the borough.