Determined Milton Keynes dancer working 3 jobs starts fundraiser to pay for training at Italia Conte

She needs of raise £35,000 to cover the three year course

Wednesday, 22nd September 2021, 1:27 pm

A determined young dancer who got accepted into the prestigious Italia Conte school has started a fundraising page to help her fulfil her dream.

Ashlee McIntosh, 23, is already working three different jobs to save what she can, but needs to raise £35,000 to pay her own way through the three year Musical Theatre course.

The course costs £47,970 and Ashlee's advanced learner loan is £22,185.

Ashlee dreams of being a professional dancer in musical theatre

This leaves tuition fees of more than £25,000 outstanding, plus the cost of travelling to London, uniform and accommodation.

Ashlee said: "My parents are financially assisting me as much as they can, but the wage of an NHS nurse (mother) and my father's newly job-redundant status means that money is tight.

"My mother's wage is meticulously budgeted to cover household costs and to help my other siblings, all of which are in full-time education."

She has dreamed of being a dancer since she was little but was always too shy to apply for courses.


"When I was younger. I didn't feel good enough. It couldn't be a realistic career choice for someone like me. I was too old. Dance training was too expensive. I was too inexperienced. It was too late," she said.

But last year, after finishing a degree at English Literature and Theatre degree at uni, she auditioned to spend a year at Dancebox Studios and TheatreWorks, a performing arts school in MK.

"Interestingly, I got in! Whilst there, I was exposed to the world of Musical Theatre. MT has always seemed like a good fit on paper as this art form combines dance and theatre - two of my greatest passions- together. But I did not think I would be able to do it practically. However, when I was thrown into the MT waters, I managed to swim.

After this, I decided to bite the bullet and audition for further training in Musical Theatre and after filming many tapes (and experiencing many rejections), I found out that I was accepted in Italia Conti- a school renowned for its Musical Theatre training."

Ashlee starts her course this month.

"It feels so unreal!" she said. " However, the major obstacle I am facing now is finance. I'd be grateful for any financial assistance that you people provide, whether it be 50p or £50."

With every donations of £25 or more, Ashlee has promised to make the donor a handmade scrunchie to show her appreciation.

You can view her fundraising page here. So far she has raised £90.