Did you see UFO over Milton Keynes last night?

Man snaps strange object from in the night sky from his balcony

Wednesday, 9th June 2021, 11:53 am
Updated Wednesday, 9th June 2021, 11:54 am

A local musician is convinced he may have snapped a photo of a UFO in the MK skies last night.

Timfy James was on his balcony at his Old Wolverton apartment when he spotted the strange object.

Rectangular shaped and illuminated, it seemed too big for a drone and too small for an aircraft.

Timfy's photo showed a strange object in the sky

Timfy sent us the photos immediately, saying: "This evening I’m pretty sure I photographed a UFO from my balcony… I’d like to know if anyone else saw it over Old Wolverton area!"

He said the object vanished straight after he took the photo.

"I was sat on my balcony enjoying the cooler air and I was taking photos of the sun going down. I took the photo and noticed the strange light in the sky so zoomed in and it looks like some sort of craft lit up," he told the Citizen,

"I went back outside to check but It had gone as fast as it had appeared.

When he zoomed in it looked like this

"I do remember hearing a sort of engine/droning noise in the distance which sounded like a type of engine I’ve never heard before."

The object seemed too large to be a drone