Didn't they do well! Litter pickers from Lions Club of Bletchley aim to rid streets of rubbish

Lions Club of Bletchley members picked up their bin bags and pick up their litter pickers and set to with enthusiasm to clean up West Bletchley last week.

Monday, 9th September 2019, 6:00 pm
Some of the volunteers

On Monday, the Lions organised a local litter pick as part of this national initiative and will be doing regular litter picks in the local Bletchley/Milton Keynes area.

The charitable team was out in force in their high-visibility jackets to rid west Bletchley roads of litter, collecting a total of 10 bags of waste which has now been disposed of properly.

A Lions spokesman said: “We are pleased to continue to be able to help maintain the local environment for the wellbeing of the community.”

The club has previously taken part in the litter picks in Milton Keynes and surrounding area.

The Lion Club of Bletchley is inviting more people to get out and do their part, if you would like to help please contact The Lions Club of Bletchley.

"We would like to thanks to all those responsible people for disposing of their rubbish in the dustbins provided by West Bletchley Council," the spokesman added.