DIY water rocket fun day provides a blast of fun and education in Milton Keynes

Dozens of people turned up to a space fun day to make their own rocket missiles from empty plastic bottles on Saturday.

By Sally Murrer
Wednesday, 3rd August 2022, 3:03 pm

The event was organised by Andy Gray, who runs website called and it was held at Bletchley Rugby Club field.

People were invited to make and decorate their own water rockets from empty plastic bottle and launch them on Andy’s launchpads.

They were then awarded space certificates for how far their missiles travelled, with some of them reaching up to 100 metres.

Ready to launch

A water rocket uses water as its reaction mass and it is forced out by compressed air, operating on the principle of Newton's third law of motion. Two bottles are used, one as the rocket and the other as the pressure vessel.

Space companies were at the event and there were space-themed talks, face painting, a raffle and other activities.

Andy is a qualified teacher and ambassador of STEM but he has an eye condition that means he cannot use a compute for long periods or mark homework.


People had great fun launching water rockets

Setting up the space educational website was the “next best thing” to teaching, he said.

“I can teach to my strengths and inspire learners, and still have fun too.

“My programme is aimed at anyone aged from three to 105 and, depending on your level, you can choose the best information or membership so everyone can love space.

"I am also doing a Kickstarter to give learners tools for schools. I get funding to learn animation and bring characters to life so everyone wins.”

Details of Saturday’s event are on Facebook here.