Drunk doctor stood on policeman’s toes with high heels

Court news
Court news

A stressed-out doctor showed up uninvited and drunk to a childrens’ party before having to be removed by police.

Doctor Mary Eve Speight, who lives in Soulbury, also spat at a police officer when she was arrested on June 13.

She was taken to a police station where she became agitated, injuring her mouth and knocking out a tooth, which required medical attention, Aylesbury Magistrates Court heard.

After being released Speight phoned up the surgery in Milton Keynes where she was working as a locum and resigned, before heading to the pub where she drank three glasses of wine and a glass of beer.

She was then spotted intoxicated on Stewkley High Street, and when officers intervened she shouted and swore at them and stood on their feet wearing high heeled shoes.

Speight, who the court heard had become overwhelmed with the stress of her job, and is going through a divorce, pleaded guilty to three counts of assault on a police officer, one count of common assault and two public order offences.

Her defence said that prior to moving to Soulbury she had given up a practice and home in Ruislip, because of the effects of stress.

On Speight’s behalf her counsel said: “She accepts that she had a couple of drinks, and became agitated with her neighbours due to their dog.

“She accepts that it was the wrong thing to do given the emotional state that she was in, and that when she attended there was a party taking place.”

He added: “She says that she is really ashamed of what happened.”

The court heard that Speight is now the subject of a General Medical Council 18 month suspension order.

This means that she can practice as a locum, but with strict conditions that she must address issues with alcohol and her mental health.

She must also attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and submit regular samples for testing.

A reference letter presented to the court said that with regards to her work she is “exemplary in everything she does.”

Magistrates ordered a pre-sentence report, and Mrs Speight will be sentenced on August 11.

She received conditional bail until that date.