Eight of the darkest ghost stories from Milton Keynes history

Do you remember any of these ghost stories from your childhood?

Friday, 11th October 2019, 1:16 pm
Milton Keynes creepy stories.

Obviously, ghosts don't exist, but here are eight of the creepiest stories from Milton Keynes history.

The family who lived here heard loud bangs and scrapes coming from abandoned upstairs rooms. A wardrobe opened by itself, and chairs rearranged themselves.
Woughton on the Green, a former hideout for Dick Turpin, has been the location of many sightings of his dark horse Black Bess.
Ghostly centurions are said to march along Watling street at night, knee-deep in the tarmac as though their feet are falling on the Roman road beneath.
The mill is haunted by the daughter of the miller who committed suicide in 1685 after her lover was murdered by a jealous rival.
One night two teens in the Bleak Hall area saw a large black cat leap out of the darkness. After staring right at them, it jumped off into the woodland.
The abbey is abound with sightings of hooded figures, said to be monks winding their way through the grounds of the now ruined abbey.
Shadowy figures have been reported passing through walls which once held doors, and a Grey Maid, wearing an old fashioned uniform haunts a bedroom.
At Dick Turpin's favourite pub, figures disappear through walls, and the landlord reports hearing a loud party fade away as he went downstairs to investigate.