Every household in Milton Keynes will have FOUR wheelie bins, promise Labour council leaders

MK Labour are pledging that if they retain control on MK Council after the local elections in May they will roll wheelie bins out across the city – and keep a weekly residual waste collection.

Monday, 1st March 2021, 3:51 pm

And the council would still retain weekly collections, the councillors have promised.

The pledge comes after an overwhelming positive response to the current wheelie bin trial, with over 80 per cent of the public using the trial service happy with it.

The pilot scheme launched last October in 12 selected areas of MK. Some residents were surprised to find it involved four different wheelie bins to store and put out.

Council leader Pete Marland with the four different wheelie bins

They kept their standard green bin for food and garden waste, but were also be provided with full-sized blue-lidded wheelie bins for plastic, metals and glass, red bins for paper and card and grey ones for residual waste.

Some people living in terraced houses on narrow streets complained the sheer number of bins led to congestion problems,

But Labour s council leader Pete Marland said: "“I was sceptical about wheelie bins as living in a terraced house there are access and storage concerns, but even people on the trial who were at first sceptical have been asking me if they can keep them – now the answer is clear, if Labour are successful in May then we’ll roll the scheme out to all MK.”

More than three quarters of residents on the pilot scheme have told the council they want to switch to wheeled bins, with a majority finding that the use of wheeled bins made their streets cleaner and that it will lead to better recycling.

Labour are also pledging to continue the trial until the full scheme is rolled out in order to develop better alternatives for those in flats, inaccessible properties and people who need support, as these are the main areas of concern highlighted in the consultation.

The pledge is in contrast to neighbouring Conservative councils where council tax is higher, and residents only have residual waste collected fortnightly.

Pete said: “We are ambitious to be the Greenest City and by introducing wheelie bins we are making our city cleaner and greener, with more recycling and cleaner streets. If we retain control of MK Council we pledge to roll them out across MK.”

He said the wheelie bins would mean streets were cleaner, and people would recycle more.

Cllr Emily Darlington, Cabinet member for the Public Realm said: “We will continue to work with those in the pilot areas to develop suitable alternatives to the bins where there are issues such as flats or inaccessible properties. We will make sure those residents don’t get left behind so that everyone can benefit from a cleaner and greener environment that this new system of waste collection will bring to MK.

"By consulting with residents and piloting the wheelie bins, we have been able to listen to what works as well as understand what can be improved to ensure that this new scheme works for everyone in Milton Keynes.”