Exciting new 'Code Ninja' centre for video game-loving kids to open in Milton Keynes next month

A new activity centre is opening for children to become real-life coding Ninjas and build their own video games..

Monday, 15th March 2021, 4:02 pm

Code Ninjas is set to open its doors at Broughton Gate on April 17.

Local children can build on their love of gaming and technology by learning how to become a coding ninja and invent their very own video games or even build their own robots or drones.

They can progress from white to black belt and gain skills in problem solving, critical thinking, and STEM learning along the way.

The ninjas at work

Described as "an exciting learning adventure for tech-loving kids in a fun, safe, and inspiring environment', Code Ninjas is the creation of local couple Girish and Divya Betadpur.

Both have a background in technology and are aware of the need for the next generation to have an understanding of coding.

As busy parents, they also recognise the need of for somewhere where mums and dads can drop their children off for a while after school or at weekends and know they are having fun and being looked after.

"The past 12 months have been so hard for children and parents alike, what with all the home-schooling.

Girish and Divya Betadpur with their daughter Aadya

That’s why we want to help give parents a break by encouraging our ninjas to become independent learners," said Girish.

The Ninja centre itself is called a dojo, teachers are called Code Senseis, and the students are called ninjas.

They work through a colour-coded programme to earn wristbands or belts, just like in martial arts, and ‘Belt-up’ ceremonies mark a ninja’s graduation to the next level.

"Most important of all, the entire curriculum is based on learning through fun. Kids aged five to 14 can work with small teams of friends, building robots or drones and even developing games and apps of their own," said Giresh.

The new business was set to host a grand opening event late last year but was delayed because of Covid-19.

“Like all businesses, we have felt the strain caused by the pandemic. However, we believe there is finally a light

at the end of the tunnel,” said Girish. “We feel very passionately about our commitment to the community and

hope to become a real after-school hub for local families.

"And as parents, we’re very proud to start a business that is purely focused on providing life skills for local children, especially during this pivotal time. Many children in our area have missed a significant period of school during lockdown – making the most of local extra-curricular activities is a great way to tackle learning loss.

"We’ve put significant processes in place to ensure the wellbeing of the children and will be keeping student numbers to a minimum to ensure social distancing measures can be met.”

Ninjas can attend sessions up to twice a week at a time that’s convenient for the whole family – and thatmeans it doesn’t have to be the same day and time every week.

Giresh said: "When researching coding education opportunities for our own daughter, Aadya, we realised there really wasn’t any provider in our community that fulfilled that need. So, we took matters into our own hands by launching Code Ninjas.

"Milton Keynes is a real hub of innovation when it comes to digital technology and so we want to give children living in our area the best head start possible by providing a quality standard of coding education, delivered in a fun and exciting atmosphere.

"“First and foremost, Code Ninjas is a safe space where kids with a love of gaming can come and feel included

and encouraged but our programme also teaches invaluable life skills, like team-building and communication.

We’re excited to be able to be a positive influence on the young minds of this community.”

Girish and Divya will be welcoming local families to come and find out all there is to know about their exciting

kids coding programme at one of their open days, starting on the April 17.

To register or find out more about Code Ninjas, visit www.codeninjas.co.uk/miltonkeynes-bkm-uk