Filmmaker to create documentary about Milton Keynes and asks for people's view on what's good and bad

He’s already described the city as ‘stuck in a 1980s vision’
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A filmmaker is creating a documentary about Milton Keynes and has asked for input from the public.

Kieren Owen wants to hear people’s views of the city, including what they think is good and what they consider is bad.

He put out an appeal on the Milton Keynes Past and Present Facebook page and has been flooded with more than 250 responses.

A filmmaker wants to know all things good and all things bad about Milton KeynesA filmmaker wants to know all things good and all things bad about Milton Keynes
A filmmaker wants to know all things good and all things bad about Milton Keynes

Kieren listed his own views of the city and many of them were not complimentary.

He wrote that MK’s architecture “seems to be stuck in a 1980's vision” of the future.

"Repetitive square, glass, modernist buildings, create a monotony and soullessness. Low levels of detailed ornamentation, architectural variety and lazy maintenance of buildings that becoming unclean over time,” he said.

He slammed the lack of independent shops in the city centre, saying: “You can get a costa/next/primark anywhere in the world. There is an absolute lack of independent businesses/ cafes that feel unique to the town in a central communal location. People tend to visit the centre out of a specific necessity, not just to have an enjoyable day ambling around like you might in a old British city.”

And he accused MK of being “anti-youth”.

He wrote: “Denying the University and a reluctant offering for nightclubs/ bars has ripple effects in creating a town that doesn't seem to value the next generation. Young people in the area would bring new ideas and new businesses and a demand for enjoyable parts of town to hang out.”

Finally he commented of a “lack of culture”, saying: “The centre of the city that is called Milton Keynes is cultureless. You have to travel to the old outskirts bits to enjoy a feeling of culture.

"MK does well in summer as the nature & space is brilliant, but winter really exaggerates the failings of the centre.”

The comments to Kieren’s post proved a real divide of opinion, with some people agreeing with him and others defending the city.

One reader wrote: “I tend to agree with your summary, my personal view is that the shopping centre works as a destination shopping centre for a day out ( especially in the winter months) but fails as a community / town centre for residents as there is a lack of diveristy - no butchers, bakers, pubs etc which is what you need in a town centre.

"There is also a lamentable shortage of independents the shopping centre is a clone of so many other places. You have to travel to Stony or Newport Pagnell for anything more interesting, but that does not work well for those without cars. Much better to have a mix in one place.”

But other people praised MK for its vast amount of green spaces, leisure attractions and historic landmarks.

One man wrote: “Could it be better? Yes. Is it miles above other locations? Absolutely.”

Keiren is known as Jimmy The Giant on YouTube and TikTok, he describes himself as a “storyteller, musician and sub culture enthusiast.”

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