Firefighters rescue two 'dozy' men from death in Milton Keynes

The lives of two sleepy men were saved in two separate kitchen fires in Milton Keynes in the early hours of yesterday morning.

Tuesday, 1st October 2019, 1:56 pm
Pan fire

Both men had decided to cook themselves a late night snack and then both dozed off in their respective flats four miles apart.

In both cases neighbours dialled 999 and firefighters had to go in to wake up the occupants and rescue them.

And both men could have suffocated in their sleep from smoke inhalation had the fire spread. Neighbouring flats would also have been at risk.

Their actions have now prompted a stern warning for people never to cook when they are feeling dozy or under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

The first blaze broke out in a first floor flat in Chasewater Crescent, Broughton, at 2.10am. A pan had been left on the cooker but the occupant was fast asleep in bed.

Then, at 3.55am, firefighters rushed to another first floor flat in Cranbrook, Woburn Sands, where another pan had been left on the hob in the kitchen. This time the occupant was asleep on the sofa. He was woken up and escorted to safety.

A Bucks Fire spokesman said: "The fires were caused by pans of food which had been left cooking on the hob and had boiled dry.

"Both men were asleep when firefighters arrived, and they had to break in to wake them up."

He added: "In both cases, the 999 calls were made by neighbours, who we would like to thank for helping prevent these incidents from developing into something even more serious.

"If you are hungry at night and either tired or under the influence of alcohol or drugs, we urge you not to start cooking because of the risk of falling asleep."

More than half of all fires in the home are caused by kitchen accidents. For prevention advice, you can watch a video by Bucks Fire and Rescue Service on this story.