From the mouths of babes: Young Milton Keynes siblings record song about saving the planet for COP26 climate conference

Their music teachers pitched in to help record the backing track

Friday, 5th November 2021, 6:52 am
Updated Friday, 5th November 2021, 6:54 am

Three siblings who have formed MK's youngest band have written a special song to mark this week's COP26 climate conference.

Johnson, Kale and Indiana Harris-Herbert formed their own band called Stencil Pencils during the first lockdown as part of a homework project.

Since then the Wavendon youngsters have shot to success nationally, releasing a string of singles and performing at many local venues,

The Stencil Pencils: Johnson, Kale and Indiana Harris-Herbert

Kale, 11, has Asperger's and he has struck up a friendship with young Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg, who is also on the autistic spectrum.

Like Greta, he has struggled with social interaction and has been inspired by the teenager's words that she sees "being different" as a superpower.

The three siblings all feel passionately about environmental issues and have named their COP26 song 'World Family'.

The lyrics read: 'We need each other to make it work, If we just try, we're still hurting so why, Let's build this house on rock with walls of soul, Doors of charity, with windows of clarity.

Stantonbury school music teachers pitched in to help record the song

Finding backing musicians to help record the song posed problems this time though - until Johnson's music teachers at Stantonbury School, Andrew Cormican and Kate Knight, stepped in to help.

Johnson, who is 13, said: “We were getting really desperate to find musicians where the studio was because most of them had been pinged due to Covid-19.

"While I was having a French horn lesson with Mrs Knight, I was telling her all about our problems and she said she would love to help”.

Head of The Music Faculty Mr Cormican and Mrs Knight both volunteered to help record the horn parts to World Family.

Mr Cormican said: “All the teachers at the school, and our Mayor of Milton Keynes love the band and even the royal family have congratulated them for their lively performances at care homes and their songs, they really are standing up for the youth of the coming climate generation and are a massive inspiration to children everywhere with their songs about inclusion and looking out for one another.”

Mrs Knight said: “It was all a bit daunting at first going to a big proper recording studio where other popstars hit songs have been made, but we didn’t let our nerves get the better of us.

"Myself and Andrew just kept looking at each other thinking, if our young students can handle it, then so can we... It’s been a fantastic experience, looking at how hard the children work to record their songs and who knows, me and Andrew may become popstars!”

‘World Family’ will be released on Youtube shortly.