Fun new outdoor puzzle hunt experience launches in Milton Keynes

Company takes puzzle games out of the living room and into MK city centre

Wednesday, 12th May 2021, 6:09 pm
Updated Wednesday, 12th May 2021, 6:12 pm

Leisure provider myCityHunt has chosen MK for the venue for its new digital scavenger and treasure hunts.

People can be guided on a tour around the city, solving puzzles as they go, and even slip into the role a scavenger

hunter, special agent or treasure hunter.

Players follow a map on their phone

The experience promises tricky puzzles, an exciting story, varied activity tasks, multimedia content and exercise in the fresh air.

The tours are based on an app that IT specialist C.-Philipp Steiner of myCityHunt developed specifically for this purpose.

"Thanks to the app, we can take puzzle and game fun out of the living room at home to the city centre of Milton Keynes," said co-managing director and game developer Daniel Sekula.

The company if offering three tours in MK. The 'Scavenger Hunt' is an interactive city tour with a puzzle course, while the Treasure Hunt encourages players to recover a mysterious artefact from the Middle Ages.

Players have to solve puzzles

Outdoor escape game Operation Chaos allows participants to "follow in the footsteps of James Bond and thwart the chief villain’s plans for world domination," said Daniel.

What all the tours have in common is that they take the players to places worth seeing in Milton Keynes, where they follow coordinates that lead to tricky puzzles, he said.

Players are guided through MK by a map on their smartphone. A marker on the map shows the locations where the puzzle are waiting for them. As soon as the participants reach one of these locations, a riddle appears on the team leader's display.

"Now the team cracks codes, analyses voice messages and videos or examines tourist sights more closely," said Daniel. "Since it is important to us that all participants are actively involved, we have also introduced special roles that the players slip into.

The game is ideal for small groups

"They will receive matching special tasks sent to their respective smartphones at regular intervals. Participants can choose a corresponding role at the beginning of their tour. Whether detective, photographer or adventurer, everyone should find a role that suits them.

By dividing the tasks among different smartphones, players can stick to Covid regulations and keep a minimum distance apart,," explains

To take part in a tour, all that the players need is an internet-enabled smartphone equipped with GPS and a

camera, and a ticket. The tours are suitable for all ages.

Tickets can purchased online hereat £11.99 per player.

People are given 48 hours to crack all the puzzles and can play in a pair or small groups. The tickets are valid for 6 months and can be redeemed at any date. Both the pace and the timing of the myCityHunt tours is determined by the players themselves.

"Our tours are also ideally suited for very spontaneous city explorers," said Daniel. "It is important to us that our participants play the tours at their own pace and can take breaks if they need to."