Fundraising page launched in Milton Keynes to help victims left with nothing after Walnut Tree fire

Donations are pouring in to help the children’s nursery and families who lost all their possessions in the Walnut Tree fire.

By Sally Murrer
Wednesday, 20th July 2022, 3:43 pm

Kiddi Caru day nursery and three nearby houses were 100% destroyed in the blaze, which stated yesterday lunchtime.

The nursery children were safely evacuated and emergency centres were set up for residents who had to flee their homes.

Gas and electricity supplies were disconnected for hours throughout the estate to protect residents an local roads were closed as 15 fire crews battled to contain the blaze.

The blaze quickly spread through properties on Walnut Tree during the extreme heatwave

The fire started in a wooden fence next to Kiddi Caru and spread very quickly due to the tinderbox conditions caused by the extreme heatwave.

Today Walton Community Support Project, a registered charity, has launched a special appeal to raise cash for all those rendered homeless by the blaze.

They have created a JustGiving page and are initially aiming to raise £2,000.

The page states: “We the Walton Community Support Project want to help support the victims; which has affected the lives of many residents, both directly through the loss of their homes, or from the fallout through loss of power resulting in freezers and fridges being inoperational on the hottest day on UK record.

The children's nursery was destroyed in the fire

It adds: “It is not only the homes of residents that have been lost, but the loss of a valued local child care facility Kiddi Caru.

“Lots of people have asked what they can do to help and we the Walton Community Support Project believe that we are perfectly positioned to collect and distribute resources to those who need them. Please give generously to support people living in your community.

“We are an official registered charity and our charity registration number is 1199332.”

Within hours the page had gathered more than £1,200 in donations.

The charity spokesman said: “We are absolutely overwhelmed by the generosity of so many of you already ... I say overwhelmed, but in reality we are not surprised. We knew that people would rally around and this is just another example of humanity at its very finest. Thank you all so much from all of us.”