Graphic anti-abortion leaflets pushed through letterboxes in Milton Keynes prompt fury and distress

Leaflets have graphic photos of unborn babies and are headed 'Thou Shalt Not Kill'

Tuesday, 1st June 2021, 5:13 pm
Updated Tuesday, 1st June 2021, 5:14 pm

Mysterious leaflets distributed to hundreds of homes in MK have been slammed as sick by residents.

The colourfully-printed leaflets have photos of babies in the womb and are strewn with stern biblical 'references'.

Already they have caused distress to many women who have suffered miscarriages or had pregnancy terminations.

The leaflets are distressing
The leaflets are distressing

"I cannot tell you how distressing it is to have this thrust through your door. Whoever is doing this must be sick," said one.

Another parent said: "My young children picked this up when it came through the letterbox. It's not something I wanted them to see. Surely there should be some control over this sort of thing?"

Though the leaflets are not attributed to anyone, it is understood they come from the Milton Keynes Abolition Society as they bear a marked resemblance to previous literature circulated by the group.

Run by an Andy Burton, who describes himself as a 'disciple, evangelist and abolition reformer, the society does not have any contact details. Its website contains bizarre, untrue and highly inflammatory rants about abortion facilities in MK, speaking about 'murderous' acts and 'stay and slay' facilities.

It states: "Abolition Society is the UK’s only Born-Again Christian Abolition Society. We defend every baby’s right to life. Abolition Society is built on the Biblical principles of separation from fellowshipping with those of an alternative faith or none. Abolition Society is not interested in compromising the Gospel by being ecumenical in any way. We stand with Christ alone."

The Citizen has tried sending messages to Mr Burton but so far he has failed to respond.

Other members of the public say they have also tried to contact the abolition society to complain, to no avail.

One householder who received an anti-abortion leaflet said: "Everybody is entitled to their views, obviously, and in today's society we respect those views. But to lecture people about abortion in such an emotive, threatening and exaggerated way should be illegal."

He added: "My advice to people is to tear the leaflet up and bin it, then make use their own freedom of choice to form an opinion on abortion if they wish. Other people's opinions should not be forced upon them in this manner."