Grass verges in Milton Keynes may be fenced off to stop inconsiderate drivers parking on them

A leading councillor is calling for grass verges in his ward to be fenced off to prevent drivers parking on them and churning them into mud.

Monday, 27th January 2020, 4:21 pm
Updated Monday, 27th January 2020, 4:22 pm

A leading councillor is calling for grass verges in his ward to be fenced off to prevent drivers parking on them. West Bletchley Councillor Nigel Long is asking for for a £20,000 programme of ascot railing and improved parking across West Bletchley.

The parish council funded a major programme of installing railings to protect grassed verges from poor parking. This programme was stopped, though many areas still benefit from the

original ascot fencing.

Cllr Long shows the state of the verges

Cllr Long recently secured funding for a small piece of fencing at the top of Angus Drive and it immediately dealt with the poor parking.

He has also been discussing with residents of Bushy Close how to deal with "horrendous" damage caused by poor parking and by the refuse collection trucks, he said.

And he has also met with residents of Cardigan Close to look at how parking can be increased.

The damage to grassed areas is in part due to the lack of parking and in part due to residents not parking properly.

Cllr Long said: “I am asking West Bletchley Parish Council to restore a programme of fencing and also to look at speeding up its programme of parking improvements.”

He added, “I also met residents in Kennet Drive because the grassed areas at the top of the road are being churned up people going t the special school at the junction of

Kennet Drive and Shenley Road. The answer to the poor parking here is ascot fencing.”

Cllr Long has written to the Parish Council and put down a motion calling for £20,000 to be spent on such fencing. locally.

"It would be a good investment to tackle a big local problem. We should invest in new fencing and upgrade the older fencing," he said.