Grease the musical is coming to Milton Keynes - with Peter Andre playing THREE roles

Peter will have his work cut out keeping up with the quick changes

Tuesday, 27th July 2021, 2:14 pm

Grease the musical is exploding into MK Theatre next month and it will be starring Peter Andre in up to three different roles.

Peter will play Vince Fontaine, the Teen Angel and probably a police officer as well when the hit show comes to town.

The 2021 tour will arrive at Milton Keynes on Monday 23 August and run until Saturday August 28.

Grease comes to MK next month

Already Peter is looking forward to meeting the local audiences. He said: "I was so thrilled to have been returning to Grease this year as I had the most wonderful time on the last tour working with our incredible cast and creative team. I can’t wait to get back out there performing with them.

"Grease is joyous and will truly allow you to escape to a different time, with show-stopping dance routines and some of the most iconic songs of all time. It's a show about solidarity and it celebrates friendship, which is even more important now with how the last 12 months have been. As the song goes, We Go Together!"

He played Teen Angel in the 2019 tour and is now doing double duty as Vince Fontaine. We asked him about are the logistics of playing dual roles and he revealed his work may not even stop there...

"I may be doing a third role, namely a police officer, depending on whether or not I can get changed on time," he said.

Peter Andre

"The more characters the better for me. Each one of them has a different accent, so I get to do different dialects, and it’s good to be acting as well as singing. With Vince Fontaine and Teen Angel it’s very quick change but I love the energy of that.

"There’s just one song, which I’m not in, during which I have time to get out of one outfit and into a completely different one, with the wig and everything. But it’s really good fun."

Peter, whose favourite number is Beauty School Drop-Out, also loves the 1950s fashion of Grease.

"It’s amazing how many things come back in fashion. OK, flares tried to make a comeback and my wife wears flares and they really suit her, but for guys flares haven’t really kicked off again - not that they’re from the 50s, of course. I do love the big 50s hair, though. Nowadays you don’t want to look too vain so for guys it’s short-ish hair but back then it was all about the quiff and the DA, and I love that."

Dan Partridge will be reprising the role of Danny, having played the role on the UK and Ireland tour in 2019. Georgia Louise will play Sandy, with Paul French as Kenickie and Tendai Rinomhota as Rizzo. They are joined by Alex Christian as Doody, Josh Barnett as Roger, Inez Budd as Marty, Maeve Byrne as Jan, Marianna Neofitou as Frenchy, Corinna Powlesland as Miss Lynch and Cristian Zaccarini as Sonny.

Also in the cast are Alishia-Marie Blake, Thea Bunting, Kevin O’Dwyer, Laura-Jane Fenney, Jacob Fisher, Elliot Gooch, Dom Hutcheson, Haroun al Jeddal, Kalisha Johnson, Hannah-Faith Marram, Matt Trevorrow and Jacob Young.

Performances are at 2.30pm and 7.30pm and tickets, starting at £13, can be booked here or by calling 0844 871 7615.

Please note Peter Andre will not appear on Thursday night or Saturday.