Is Halloween dying a death in Milton Keynes because parents think trick or treating is unsafe?

More than one in four parents in Milton Keynes refuse to let their children go Halloween trick-or-treating  because they think it is unsafe.

Tuesday, 15th October 2019, 1:36 pm
Trick or treat

And 48% of parents say they will only let their children go out on the night if they are supervised by an adult.

The survey was conducted by as MK gears up for the spooky season.

They spoke to more than 2,000 parents who had at least one child under the age of 11.

More than 63% of the parents said they did not believe it was safe to let children over the age of 11 go out alone on Halloween.

But three quarters of the group admitted they went out trick or treating when they were young, right up to the age of around 15.

Duette spokesperson Ashleigh Noon said: “It seems like trick-or-treating is being phased out by changing times and new generations coming through.

"It is an American trend that came over to the UK and stuck, but it is something that a lot of Britons love and when you see the spooky decorations put up it really puts you in a good mood.

"We hope this isn’t the start of the end of a fantastic tradition in the UK.”

The survey found the majority of households had less than five groups of trick or treaters knock on their door in 2018, whereas just 10 per cent had more than 15 groups of children knock.

Only 35% of them put any decorations up. Of those who regularly get trick-or-treaters, it was found that the most popular sweet given out are Haribo mini bags followed by Maoam Stripes.

Ashleigh said: "Children and families know well that if there’s no pumpkin or other decoration, then they simply do not knock, and it’s not uncommon to see parents taking their children, or even for large groups and family and friends to enjoy the occasion together. "

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