Heartwarming moment busy Milton Keynes grid road came to a halt to allow baby geese to cross safely

Two sets of mother geese and their babies were saved from a horrible outcome when they decided to cross one of the busiest grid roads in MK.

By Sally Murrer
Wednesday, 11th May 2022, 1:18 pm

Luckily a highway maintenance team was travelling along the H3 Monks Way when they spotted the birds attempting to waddle across yesterday (Tuesday) lunchtime.

The quick-thinking workers promptly stopped their car diagonally across the road to bring traffic to a halt.

As a result, all the drivers waited patiently for 10 minutes until the last baby was safely across.

The highway workers made sure the geese were safe

Witness Andie Susané described the incident as “ a pleasure to witness” and thanked the highway maintenance team for their efforts.

She told the MK Citizen:” It was on the H3 between Tongwell Lake and The Shell Garage. I was driving along and saw highway maintenance car stop diagonally on the road, blocking both lanes ahead of me.

"Cars had already stopped on the opposite side and a mother goose and her babies had made it half way, whilst another was stuck.

"A man emerged from the highway maintenance car followed by a couple of other colleagues. Traffic had started to move on the other side when the man noticed ANOTHER mother and her babies waiting to cross. He ran out onto the road and in front of on coming traffic and waved them to stop."

The geese made it safely across the road

The second goose and her goslings then made it safely across the road.

“The man walked slowly behind the goose and her babies to encourage her to cross, whilst one of his colleagues was in front of them. He then followed behind her all the way across my side of the road and down the ditch to make sure they were safe and away from the road.”

The highway heroes then thanked the motorists for their patience and drove off. Queues of traffic had formed on the busy road but none of the held-up drivers complained.

Andie posted on Milton Keynes Noticeboard Facebook page to praise the workers. She said: “It was lovely and was a pleasure to witness such a lovely act of kindness and see everyone stop and be patient. A big pat on the back to the highways team.”

Traffic came to halt for 10 minutes