High winds of up to 70mph cause havoc all over Milton Keynes

Trees came down and roads were blocked during the weekend storms

By Sally Murrer
Monday, 1st November 2021, 11:51 am
Updated Monday, 1st November 2021, 12:07 pm

Gale force winds caused damage all over MK after the Met Office issued a yellow weather warning on Saturday.

Trees came down and branches fell on roads and in parks, leaving a trail of devastation to be fixed.

One sizable tree came down right across a road at Old Wolverton yesterday (Sunday), landing on top of one passing car and narrowly missing another.

This tree came down across a road in Old Wolverton

Thankfully nobody was injured, although the car suffered damage, and other motorists helped shift the tree.

"It took nine of us to get the tree out of the road," said one witness.

Other trees and large branches toppled on roads, particularly in rural areass to the north of MK.

Police officers were out yesterday helping villages in the north with "highway disruption" due to the gales.

Numerous trees and branches were blown down in local parks

They have thanked to local farmers and members of the public that turned out to assist them moving the debris.

Workers from The Parks Trust issued warnings about trees and branches blocking pathways.

Areas of Mill Field in Stony Stratford and the Floodplain Forest Nature Reserve at Old Wolverton were closed to enable a clean up operation to be carried out.

A "significant number of branches also fell at Ouse Valley Park near Haversham and Great Linford Manor Park.

Police office deal with damage in the north of MK

The Parks Trust team was on site for a clean up operation this morning.

Meanwhile firefighters were busy yesterday dealing with calls about wind damage.

At 1.40am yesterday crews were called to Addington Avenue in Wolverton, where scaffolding boards had been blown from the top of a four storey building.

Firefighters used the turntable ladder to remove loose and fallen scaffolding boards and make the area safe.

Farmers and members of the public came out to help police shift the storm debris

At 4,30pm they were called to Greenfield Road in Newport Pagnell to deal with chimney pots that had become unstable in the wind.

Crews used a 13.5metre ladder to inspect the chimneys and left the incident in the hands of Milton Keynes Council.