Hunt for pair of 'dangerous' Rottweilers on the loose after two small dogs left with life threatening injuries in Milton Keynes

Police have been called this afternoon to search for two Rottweilers following reports of at least two dog attacks.

Monday, 26th April 2021, 4:34 pm

Social media users in the Wolverton and Greenleys area are warning people to be careful when out walking their pets.

One little dog has critical injuries and another Jack Russell terrier is currently at the vets after suffering multiple bite wounds.

One social media user has warned others on The We Love Wolverton Facebook page.

Rottweiler. Photo: Getty Images

She said her dog was attacked by one of the Rottweilers at the recreation ground by the swimming pool. He was on the lead and did not provoke any fight.

"Please be careful. Don’t know if he’s made his way home or been caught. Seems he was an escapee as no owner around," she said.

The wounds are not too deep and the Jack Russell is expected to survive.

But another little dog was not so lucky. He was also attacked this morning, in the Greenleys area.

The owner's daughter posted on Facebook page: "My mum's little dog is currently in vet hospital with life threatening injuries. Attacked by Rottweiler on Greenleys this morning."

Another resident said this afternoon: "Potentially two to three dogs are roaming from the same house (potentially split). Two originally were together. Police are aware and everyone us awaiting an update as 101 have no update as of yet."

It is understood the dogs were last seen heading towards Stony Stratford.

Meanwhile some dog lovers have stuck up for the Rottweiler breed and blaming their owner.

One said: "This is a very sad thread, I have rescue Rotties and with the right training they are beautiful dogs. If you don’t put in the work this is the result, train,train, train your dogs. I hope all the dogs that have been attacked are all ok."

Another posted: "The poor Rotties will probably loose their lives down to an irresponsible owner who couldn’t be bothered."