Huntingdon's Disease charity gets a boost from turkey farm near Milton Keynes

Susan with turkeys
Susan with turkeys

A woman whose husband and daughter have both been diagnosed with life-limiting Huntingdon’s Disease is using  turkey humour to raise cash to help fellow sufferers.

Susan Gorst has spent 20 years supplying Christmas turkeys for people all over Milton Keynes.

She runs Moorgate Farm in Potterspury, which breeds the famous Kelly Bronze Turkeys.

And she hit upon the idea of doing a “silly” turkey-themed calendar to sell and raise cash for the Huntingdon’s Disease Association.

“I woke up one night and had these images in my head of me as a turkey,” she said.

“It came from a drawing my second cousin did for our 25th wedding anniversary of my husband and me, and we were drawn as turkeys with the children as little chicks. I thought it would be quite amusing and thought it might make people laugh.”

Huntingdon’s is caused by a faulty gene and is subsequently passed down through families. It changes the whole person – their body, mind and behaviour – and there is no cure.

Susan, 61, said: “Everyone has to deal with it differently. I found it really difficult. I looked after my husband’s father, who had it. But it’s been difficult because working together 24 hours a day with the changes going on has been a challenge.”