Ice cream made right here in Milton Keynes is voted one of the best in the world

It's described as 'both refreshing and indulgent'

Thursday, 23rd September 2021, 12:52 pm

A MK ice cream maker has won a Great Taste star in the world’s largest and most trusted food and drink awards.

A panel of 500 experts tasted the 'Simply Dairy' artisan dessert and were vowed by its fantastic flavour.

The product is one of the varieties offered by the family-run Willen Ice Cream Company, which was launched before the Covid pandemic by former businessman Richard Gordon.

Richard Gordon with his ice creams

Richard had been made redundant from his high-flying corporate job and, during an appointment at the local JobCentre, was asked what he wanted to do if any option was open to him.

"This thought popped out that had been in the back of my mind and never voiced for a long time. I said: ‘I'd make ice cream ' - and that was the start of the journey," he said.

Richard, who had always enjoyed making ice cream for his children when they were young, started experimenting with flavours, working flat out for two years to develop the perfect ice cream.

All his ice creams are hand-crafted and made with the finest and, where possible, locally sourced natural ingredients. There is a range of dairy free and vegan ice creams too.

Simply Dairy was voted one of the best ice creams in the world

He started selling the product at farmers’ markets and events, and was just building up a network of local stockists when the Covid pandemic took hold last year.

Undaunted, he swiftly changed tack and began doing deliveries of his ice cream within an 18-mile radius of Central Milton Keynes, working long hours seven days a week to make it possible.

This week his efforts were rewarded with the accolade from Great Taste.

The ‘Simply Dairy’ ice cream went through a rigorous and independent judging process by a food experts. It described by the judges as delivering "fantastic flavours."

There is a range of products and flavours

Their comments included: “This simple looking pale gelato is beautiful in its simplicity. It has a gorgeous, subtle milk flavour that is clean and yet full of dairy charm. It's both refreshing and indulgent.”

Another said: “This could become a regular purchase among those who appreciate a simple and well-made dairy ice cream that achieves its flavour entirely from the high-quality simple ingredients.”

Richard said this week: “It is an absolute honour to have been awarded this incredible accolade from one of the top awards in our industry.

“To be able to now display the instantly recognisable gold and black Great Taste star – the highly respected seals of approval – on our ‘Simply Dairy’ ice cream is a dream come true!

“We are so proud of how far we have come and know we have so much more to achieve. Thank you to all our customers for supporting us. We couldn’t have done this without you!”

The company produces a mouthwatering array of flavours, including Foxdenton Raspberry Gin and Vanilla, Organic Madagascar Vanilla, Mint Choc Chip and Salted Almond Caramel.

While he's busy making and sells his treats, Richard is working on an equally sweet dream for the future - to give opportunities to young people with educational challenges.

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