The mural shows Leah's beaming face

Incredible mural tribute to Milton Keynes hero Leah Williamson painted in her home town

A giant mural of Leah Williamson has been created in Newport Pagnell to represent the pride of the town in which she was raised.

By Sally Murrer
Thursday, 4th August 2022, 7:31 pm
Updated Friday, 5th August 2022, 9:53 am

Professional street artists worked overnight to create the masterpiece on the wall of a former garage in Newport Pagnell.

They started last night (Wednesday) by protecting Leah’s beaming face onto the wall, which had been freshly whitewashed by volunteers from the town.

By 6pm today the masterpiece was finished and it was unveiled to Leah’s delighted family, who still live in the town, as well as Newport Pagnell Mayor Paul Day.

"It’s just amazing!” said Leah’s mum Amanda. “We are absolutely thrilled. “

MK-born Leah, who steered her team to fame in the Women’s UEFA championships, is away on a two week break at the moment but cannot wait to see the mural, said Amanda.

"I came to see it during the early stages, just before midnight last night. I sent Leah photos and everyone’s been sending her photos on social media. So she has an idea but she’s really keen to come and see it for herself,” she said.

The mural was the inspiration of Justin Dealey, a presenter on Three Counties Radio. He came to Newport Pagnell’s popular community pub The Kings Arms to watch Leah and her team in the final on Sunday and was awed by the atmosphere and the pride the town felt in its homegrown hero.

"I was at the Elton John’s final concertin Watford last month and saw the mural of him there that MurWall had created. On Sunday, still stoked up from the atmosphere in the Kings Arms, I got in touch with their artists and asked if they’d be willing to do a mural of Leah in Newport Pagnell,” said Justin.

Artists MrMeaner, Arkade and Gnasher agreed immediately and a blank wall at the end of Cross Street, opposite Domino’s Pizza, was prepared.

"It took about eight hours in all,” said MrMeaner. “We waited until after dark on Tuesday night so we could project the image onto the wall then we finished all the detail in the morning.”

Next to the mural is written the words on the lips of every Newportonian: ‘She’s one of our own”. And round the corner is another image of Leah, this time painted over the face of a lioness to represent the England team.

Newport Pagnell Mayor Paul Day was blindfolded and led to the scene for the big unveil tonight.

"It’s just superb,” he said. “It’s tremendous”

He said the town was celebrating Leah along before her England victory and had always been proud of the former Portfields and Ousedale pupil.

Other guests of honour at the unveiling were young members of the three girls’ teams at Newport Pagnell Football Club.

"We think Leah is amazing. She is a real inspiration and we want to be professional footballers one day too,” they said.

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