Is this the most confusing roundabout in Milton Keynes?

Professional driver urges council to make it safer

Thursday, 23rd September 2021, 12:18 pm

A professional driver has been battling for a year for improvements to be made to one of the most confusing roundabouts in Milton Keynes.

The mini roundabout is at the T junction of Bletchley's Whaddon Way and Denbigh Hall Drive, where queues form in the rush hour.

In a bid to ease these queues there is a triangle and clear double lines painted on the Whaddon Way side, meaning drivers must give way.

Traffic from the left has priority over traffic coming from Whaddon Way on the right

But the problem is that they're giving way to traffic coming from the LEFT, from Denbigh Hall Drive. And this is against the flow of the plethora of other roundabouts in MK.

"People treat it like a normal roundabout and are not aware that the left has priority over the right in this case. It 's a dangerous situation and could easily cause accidents," said HGV driver Sergio Pereira.

He has been raising the problem with MK Council for more than a year, urging them to make the junction safer.

"All it needs is a clear give way sign on the Whaddon Road side. Then drivers would realise," he said.

A clear give way sign is needed above the roundabout sign, says Sergio

"At the moment it causes chaos. If you do the right thing and give way, drivers behind you started hooting and drivers coming from the left look at you like you're crazy. And, of course, none of them can see why you've stopped because your car is covering the signs painted on the road," he said.

Sergio said MK Council has told him lack of budget has stopped them fixing the problem. But earlier this summer they did agree to send a highways engineer to visit the site.

"However, the council then sent me a photo of an existing give way sign on the WRONG road, saying there wasn't a problem and the case was closed. The engineers had gone to the wrong place! The sign was another area of Whaddon Way, which is a very long road," said Sergio.

The Citizen has asked the council if anything can be done. We are awaiting a reply.