"I've been looked after so well," says student in quarantine for coronavirus in Milton Keynes

One of the people evacuated from China and quarantined for Coronavirus at a Milton Keynes hotel has described his daily life in isolation.

Saturday, 15th February 2020, 7:13 pm
Updated Saturday, 15th February 2020, 7:14 pm

One of the people evacuated from China and quarantined for Coronavirus at a Milton Keynes hotel has described his daily life in isolation.

Blogger Camryn Turner, 27, was one of a more than 100 Brits flown out from Wuhan last weekend and taken to Kents Hill Park hotel and conference centre in Milton Keynes.

Here he has been given a bedroom and a living room of his own and ordered not to to mingle with other guests.

Camryn was greet by people wearing hazma suits

Staff bring his meals on a tray, which they leave outside his door, Each guest has a fridge and a microwave and heats up their own meals when they wish. The "healthy" menu has included chicken casserole and dumplings, coconut and lentil curry and vegetable risotto, says Camryn, who is a music student..

He has published a blog describing how he was greeted by people in hazmat suits when he boarded the plane, and was swabbed for Coronavirus as soon as he arrived at the hotel.

“We were called out in groups of four to go for a swab test. This was the only part where I have been scared and got really freaked out. It involved the medical staff using extended earbuds and they took samples from our nostrils, as well as the back of our mouth," he said.

The first tests came back negative for all the guests but repeated swaps will be taken during the 14 day isolation period,

Meals are left on a tray outside guests' doors

Camryn and his fellow evacuees must wear face masks to answer their doors and have been given wipes to clean their own rooms. They have been given basic fresh clothing and also magazines, board games and access to Netflix to help pass the time. Their fridges are regularly stocked up with cold drinks and snacks.

"You get cabin fever symptoms. They can become quite rough during the day," he said.

“We can still make use of our laptops and phones. I wake up, eat my breakfast and then I will lie a bed and reply to all my unread messages from my friends and family.

“I'll also have the TV on, where I prefer to watch sports, maybe a bit of comedy as well. It just makes the situation here a little bit easier. I've managed to get some really good quality sleep while I've been here so far. With the healthy food that we've been given, that's helped a lot to feel better."

Guests are given snacks, cold drinks and condiments

Camryn had gone to Wuhan to study music before the coronavirus crisis broke out and the city went into "lockdown".

He stayed in his room most of the time, only emerging to stock up on food. Face masks were in such short supply in the city that he had to make his own from a plastic bottle.

He and the other guests are grateful to be back in Britain and away from danger. They must spend another week at the quarantine hotel before they are allowed home - providing their swab continue to come back as negative.

“We've been looked after so well," said Camryn. “There are times of frustration, just knowing that this is a whole process on its own again, but it's for the best just to make sure that everyone is safe.”