'Jealous' female police officer from Milton Keynes in court for stalking and harassing her ex-boyfriend with hundreds of texts a day

A "possessive and jealous" female  police officer stalked her ex-boyfriend and bombarded him thousands of calls and texts after  they broke up, a court has been told.

Tuesday, 17th September 2019, 4:08 pm
Debra Mackrell

Debra Mackrell from Milton Keynes also threatened to derail the man's career as a firearms officer after accusing him of cheating on her with a colleague.

Inner London Court heard how 43-year-old Mackrell allegedly made 1,600 anonymous calls to Paul Brewster following their break-up in 2016. She also sent him thousands of texts, which continued even after he begged her to stop.

The court heard she threatened to tell Mr Brewster's superiors in the SO19 firearms unit he was “mentally unfit to handle a gun” to get him kicked out.

Debra Mackrell

Even while awaiting trial for harassment, Mackrell allegedly sent Mr Brewster an unwanted brochure for holidays in Cyprus to 'remind him she was still there', the court heard.

Jurors were told she accused Mr Brewster of having an affair with two colleagues at Hackney Borough police station.

David Povall, prosecuting, said her behaviour showed "a degree of obsession."

He said: "She stalked, harassed her ex-partner over a period of months by bombarding him with messages, by making nuisance phone calls, by turning up at his place of work and travelling home with him, ultimately by sending him unwanted post while she was awaiting trial for this case."

He added: "'One of the things that contributed to the end of that relationship was that Paul Brewster found that Debra Mackrell is very possessive and very jealous. She accused him of carrying on an affair with another officer.”

The court heard after their break-up there was initially little contact until Mackrell started sending messages when Mr Brewster stopped working in Hackney Borough and moved to the SO19 firearms team.

Mr Povall showed the jury sample pages of text messages where Mackrell continuously contacted Mr Brewster over a period of 12 hours - even continuing when he begged her not to.

It was only after her arrest on October 6, 2017 that the extent of her communication came to light.

The court heard two of her phones were seized and showed she sometimes sent hundreds of texts to him each day alongside the 1,600 phone calls.

The trial continues.