Kind-hearted plumber offers to work free of charge to help hard-up elderly people in Milton Keynes

A caring plumber is offering to devote a couple of days every month to working free of charge for hard-up elderly people in Milton Keynes

Tuesday, 12th November 2019, 5:02 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th November 2019, 5:02 pm

Glenn Hennessy, who runs Glenco Plumbing and Heating MK, is asking for referrals of genuine people in need of his help.

“We're only a small firm – there are five or six of us working here. But we all feel strongly that it's nice to do something nice sometimes,” he said.

Glenn, who is 33, made his charitable decision after being called out on jobs for elderly people in the area.

Glenn is looking forgenuine people that need plumbing help

“There was one man who was in his eighties and was clearly struggling financially. It was obvious he didn't have a lot. There were pictures of him when he was in the war. We spent about half a day with him and he was thrilled,” he said.

“I made me realise that life can be a struggle for elderly people, particularly when something goes wrong and they need plumbing work done. I just thought it would be nice to dedicate a couple of days a month to them free of charge.”

Glenn is meeting with Age Concern to see if they can refer people to him. He is also inviting local suppliers to join in by supplied goods and parts cheaply or free on his 'good deed' days.

Anybody interested can contact him through his website or via his Facebook page Glenco Plumbing Milton Keynes.

Glenn is looking for worthy candidates