Large hole 'shaped like a human grave' in Milton Keynes field sparks concern

'It's like someone's dug up a body' claims walker but there was a simple explanation

A strange 'human grave shaped' hole that suddenly appeared in a field near an MK estate has prompted concern and speculation.

The hole was spotted recently in a field off Timbold Drive on Kents Hill.

"I walk my dog here regularly and it wasn't here previously. It's shaped like a grave and is quite deep," said one passer-by.

The hole resembles a grave

Another said: "It honestly looks as though someone has dug up a human body and left the hole. It's all very strange and it's freaking me out."

Other people are worried about the safety aspect. "It would be really horrible if someone fell down it. I don't understand why it can't be closed in," said one.

The site is earmarked for 171 new homes to be built. Planning permission was granted last year and the land owner, Milton Keynes Development Partnership (MKDP), is marketing the land to a developer.

The Citizen asked MKDP about the hole. They sent officials to investigate - and promptly solved the mystery.

The planned development site at Kents Hill

A spokesman said: "It was dug as part of ground survey last autumn and should have been filled back in as all the other holes were - but this one seems to have been missed for some reason."

MKDP immediately put a barrier around the hole to ensure nobody could fall into it.

It will be filled in "very soon", said the spokesman.