Little girls aged just six and seven prove record-breaking champs at Milton Keynes slot car racing centre

They've beaten the boys hands down round the tracks

By Sally Murrer
Monday, 20th December 2021, 12:43 pm
Updated Monday, 20th December 2021, 12:44 pm

Girl power has proved a winning formula at RaceWars, MK's slot car racing centre.

The popular city centre venue recently hosted a birthday party for a group of little girls aged between six and seven - and their results on the tracks took even the owners by surprise.

"They were amazing! They all raced brilliantly and got excellent results. They emerged as champions for their age group," said co-owners owners Paul Cooper, Richard Man and Paul Vladi.

The girl power champion team at RaceWars

The trio spent months transforming a 7800 sq ft space in North Tenth Street into the largest racing centre in Europe and opened at the beginning of last year.

Designed for adult fun, team-building and corporate events as well as for children, there are eight analogue and digital tracks created in collaboration with one of the UK’s top slot car track designers, Chris Frost. They are based on some of the world’s most famous racing tracks.

People can choose from range of sports cars, including Porsche, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Ferrari, to race around the tracks. They can also choose between a variety of racing scenarios, including F1 style endurance championships, and compete to be the first to complete a specified number of laps or the fastest lap over a number of laps.

The venue has a shop, bar and café and hosts birthday parties.

The girls in action at RaceWars

The champion all-girls party team was made up of birthday girl Amy and her friends Megan, Elizabeth, Emily, Prgathi and Skylar.

Each of the girls was presented with a medal before tucking into their birthday meal.

"It was were easily one of the best raced parties we've have had. They were all excellent at the racing," said the owners.

RaceWars hopes to open more centres across the UK in the future.

Two of the RaceWars owners

Paul said: “It was my wife who gave me the idea of opening my own slot car racing centre after spotting ‘The Racing Centre Hamburg’ while we were on holiday in Germany in 2015. After seeing what the centre was offering, we decided the concept would work brilliantly in the UK.

"We secured the space in 2019 and spent months fitting out the unit and working with specialists to develop unique tracks that appeal to players of all abilities."

The little girls raced brilliantly