Local councillors get busy with a load of bollards in Milton Keynes

They've given 100 bollards a summer facelift by repainting them

Wednesday, 28th July 2021, 3:40 pm
Updated Wednesday, 28th July 2021, 3:40 pm

Milton Keynes’s yellow bollards and green spaces have been given a summer facelift in recent weeks by Conservative councillors.

Recently, some MK residents have been complaining about MK looking untidy due to unmown grass.

The local Conservative group, led in their redecorating efforts by Tattenhoe Councillor James Lancaster, decided they wanted to bring some pride back into ‘our communities’ and help keep MK clean and tidy.

Busy painting bollards

They set themselves a 100 bollard challenge, and have so far repainted 74 of the yellow structures across Milton Keynes. These include bollards in Furzton, Newport Pagnell, Shenley Lodge, Tattenhoe and Stantonbury.

They’ve also used the time to litter pick green spaces such as Bury Fields in Newport Pagnell and the area surrounding Furzton Lake.

Cllr Lancaster said: “Residents have been raising with us how untidy MK is looking right now so we really wanted to get out there and bring some pride back into our communities.

We’re closing in on repainting 100 yellow bollards in just over a month while also getting out in our areas to pick up litter and clean street signs on behalf of our residents.

Before and after

"It’s important especially with our bid for city status coming up that residents can feel pride in their communities.”