Look what this Milton Keynes school did for World Book Day

A caring primary school has found an ingenious way to make children happy on World Book Day

Thursday, 4th March 2021, 2:00 pm

Lavendon School wrapped parcels of books and hung them on the school fence today so children could come and collect them.

The books were purchased with the help of Lavendon School Association, whose volunteers helped organise the event.

Each book package was tailored to appeal to children from specific age groups - from reception to competent readers.

Children are loving the 'book fence' at Lavendon School

The gesture has has an "overwhelmingly positive response" from the local community and parents, with many describing their child's delight in collecting their package.

"It is such a lovely gesture and so lovely to see the children's faces when they saw all the books hanging on the fence," said one mum.

Lavendon School teacher Hannah King said:"There is a huge emphasis on reading and the enjoyment of reading in our school and we usually so something lovely for World Book Day,"

"Last year we hosted breakfast with a book, so we wanted to do something just as nice this year. "

There was a package for every child

The school has 152 pupils aged between four and 11. Its motto is 'Happy Children, happy school.'

World Book Day is normally a highlight of the school year, with pupils dressing up as characters from their favourite books, and literary-themed events held throughout the school day.

This year most schools are holding events online for children to enjoy a virtual World Book Day instead.