Major change in parking rules means no more unfair fines in Milton Keynes

A new code of conduct for parking fines means thousands of drivers in Milton Keynes could escape unfair penalties in the future.

Wednesday, 15th January 2020, 11:30 am

The British Parking Association (BPA) announced new rules this week to clamp down on 'rogue' firms handing out penalty notices on private land.

And it means dodgy parking fines will become a thing of the past.

The changes will mean simple mistakes such as typing your registration number into a parking machine or app incorrectly will no longer incur a penalty.

Unfair parking tickets could be a thing of the past

Currently parking firms will pounce if a driver types in a zero instead of an o or an i instead of a 1, and they will issue a penalty even though a ticket has been paid for.

Citizen readers have complained this has been the case at hotspot MK locations such as Willen Lake and Wolverton Health Centre.

The new BPA rules will also mean companies have to give motorists five minutes grace between arriving at a car park and buying a ticket.

Thousands of drivers have previously found themselves fined for driving into a car park, failing to find a space, and leaving.

Drivers will also no longer be fined if they use a car park to turn around in, stop to check directions or drop someone off. And parking companies must let you people have 10 minutes grace after the ticket ends – which means ANPR systems can no longer send out instant fines.

Now, even if firms continue to hand out the penalty notices for any of the reasons above, the BPA will instantly overturn them at the first stage of appeal.

The BPA is one of two regulatory bodies that oversees private parking in the UK - and the government is also set to roll out a new national code of conduct to ensure a universal set of rules.