Man complains about filthy road sign that's not been cleaned for 10 years in Milton Keynes

A man who has been complaining to the council for 10 YEARS about a filthy road sign has finally achieved success.

Tuesday, 17th December 2019, 2:51 pm
Updated Tuesday, 17th December 2019, 2:52 pm

Michael Still says the large sign at the end of Bletchley's Water Eaton Road is unrecognisable because of the thick layer of grime on it.

“The sign leads into Buckingham Road and gives area directions. On it is a brown sign for Bletchley Park which is one of the country's top attractions,” he said.

“Bletchley Park pays MK Council to have these brown signs displayed around the area. Whilst volunteering at Bletchley Park with other colleagues, we are often told by visitors they have had difficulty finding us because of signage."

The sign is barely legible

Mr Still has logged each request he has made to the council but says the sign remains dirtier than ever.

“Our basic services which should be done automatically now normally have to be requested - and sometimes they are not done. This is just the Bletchley area without the rest of MK. Someone should be held to account,” he said.

But, after Mr Still contacted the Citizen, he received an email from MK council's customer services department.

It stated: “Our recent inspection of the named signage revealed its deterioration (cleaning it will not have the desired impact) and we have added a task to replace it in our planned maintenance schedule.

“Once the timescales are agreed and communicated, we will be happy to update you further.”