Massive nuclear reactor is being built on industrial estate in Milton Keynes

A former reality TV star and his team of physicists are building a nuclear reactor on an industrial estate in Milton Keynes, the MK Citizen can reveal.

Thursday, 27th February 2020, 6:00 am

They aim to build Britain's largest nuclear fusion facility, which will generate a plasma temperature hotter than the surface of the Sun.

Behind the steel doors of a unit on Bletchley's Granby industrial estate, sandwiched between carpet suppliers and car parts stores, former Made in Chelsea star Richard Dinan and his team have shipped in 'state of the art equipment from around the world' for their project.

Richard's company Pulsar Fusion plans to plan to harness the nuclear technology to power a host of space exploration and advanced clean energy innovations.

The reactor will generate temperatures hotter than the sun

They claim fusion rockets hold the potential to halve journey times to Mars and even offer humanity the ability to leave our solar system.

Richard, a nuclear entrepreneur and author The Fusion Age, said the project is the culmination of several years work by himself and a team of "talented clean nuclear visionaries".

He said: “It’s incredibly exciting to watch our plans and preparations come together to create something quite literally out of this world."

Richard is confident Pulsar Fusion will, by using a vacuum chamber as the heart of the reactor, create matter hot enough to reach temperatures above 100 million degrees Celsius.


"We fully expect to reach first plasma, which in layman’s terms means we will have a device with a core temperature which replicates that of the sun," he said.

He added: “Nuclear has a bad name because humans initially used its power to create weapons, but there is a totally safe, clean other side to it that is demonstrated by the stars.

Richard is also confident his project could help save the planet's energy crisis.

"The same technology that allowed us to do the worst thing we have ever done, will give us the ability to do the best thing we will ever do - generate abundant, powerful clean energy," he said.

Richard Dinan

Nuclear fusion is 'cleaner' than nuclear fission, which requires large amounts of enriched uranium and plutonium.

Fission releases energy by splitting atoms while fusion performs the same function combining them, using power derived from naturally occurring elements,.

Richard said: "A fusion power station would be the end-game of energy."

The unit is in Granby Court on Granby industrial estate