Meet Lesley, the lady who has one of the grimmest jobs of all at Milton Keynes police station

She has to clean up after some offenders who spit and smear bodily fluids in the cells

Tuesday, 21st September 2021, 2:04 pm

Police have today praised their cleaner who has been keeping the custody suite spotless for 17 years.

Lesley works a six day week and she starts work during the early hours of the morning each day.

"When a detained person feels it is acceptable to smear, spit and (spread) other bodily fluids around the cell, it is Lesley that has to clean this up," said a police spokesman.

Lesley has to clean up all kinds of disgusting stuff

"Remember that when you think you are punishing the police officers. You are actually adding more unsavoury work to this lady’s already hard day."

Lesley always completes her hard work in good spirits and is a big part of the "daily banter" in custody, said the spokesman.

"We love having her around...We can always tell when Lesley is nearby, as we can smell the bubble gum disinfectant she carries around with her."

She has worked at the police station for 17 years