Meet one of the most talented – and busiest – 13-year-olds in Milton Keynes

Teenage schoolgirl with multitude of talents is collecting fistfuls of medals and trophies as a reward for her dedication.

By Sally Murrer
Wednesday, 6th July 2022, 3:57 pm
Updated Wednesday, 6th July 2022, 3:57 pm

Yashasvi Yellapragada is not only shooting to fame in the world of archery, but is also winning competitions in everything from swimming and roller skating to music and chess.

On top of this she is dedicated her schoolwork at Denbigh School and has received multiple outstanding awards for her academic achievements, said her proud dad Srinivas.

For the past five years, she has achieved 100% attendance.

Yashasvi Yellapragada

“Yashasvi is very passionate about her results and very much committed in producing excellent results both at school and activities outside school, ” said Srinivas.

Currently the young Oxley Park teenager is preparing for Grade 3 Violin with Trinity College of London after passing Grade 2 with distinction at the Oriental Fine Arts Academy of London (OFAAL).

She loves chess and actively participates in both ECF and FIDE rated Chess tournaments.

Between times she’s been busy achieving Swim England Stage 9 in swimming and passing Grade 1 in Artistic Roller Skating.

Yashasvi is passionate about archery

But Yashasvi’s biggest talent is proving to be archery. Already she has won a string of medals and trophies after competing all over the country and her target is to represent Great Britain internationally.

She started archery as a hobby when she was 11 and successfully completed her mandatory AGB beginners’ course at MK’s Shenley Archers club, learning shooting etiquette and basic barebow and freestyle techniques.

"She understands that regular training and practice are both very important in any sport,” said her dad.

“She regularly attends club practice sessions and she is currently attending coaching sessions, along with occasional one-on-one dedicated private coaching sessions.”

Having fun at a tournament

In one of her first competitions, Yashasvi surprised everyone by shooting six golds and scoring 278 on 252 round with a barebow.

Since then she has won medals in several championships and created four Bucks Archery Association (Bucks AA) County records, said Srinivas.

“She is committed to represent Bucks AA county wherever possible and also her dream is to represent Great Britain in international events.”

Srinivas is hoping to find a local business to sponsor his clever daughter.

She has won awards of excellence at school

“She is currently competing with very basic beginner level equipment that needs an upgrade, it will be really nice if she could get a sponsor,” he said.