Meet the identical Milton Keynes twins who got pregnant together and gave birth within three days of each other

It was all a "surreal and wild twist of fate", say the pair

Tuesday, 18th May 2021, 3:48 pm

Two identical twins who once travelled the world together became mums within three days of each other.

Claire and Laura Jopson 34, have shared everything since they were born, but even they were not prepared for the sharing of their pregnancies.

Laura found out she was pregnant first and, because it was the height of lockdown, had to share the good news with her twin via WhatsApp.

Claire and Laura enjoyed being pregnant together

Shortly afterwards, Claire too was announcing her own good news, putting the co-incidence down to a "wild twist of fate" rather than a planned action.

"It was a little surreal to also be messaging a few weeks later to say that I was also pregnant. There was an initial feeling of shock and slight embarrassment that we were pregnant so close together but that quickly grew into feelings of excitement and relief that we could experience the wild ride of pregnancy together," she told the Metro News.The twins run a travel and lifestyle blog together called Twin Perspectives, and wrote about their pregnancies in the blog.

They were also able to support and reassure each other.

"We were both feeling the same symptoms of pregnancy or apprehensions about imminent motherhood at the same time," said Claire .

The twins had travelled the world together. Photo: Instagram

"As we run a travel and lifestyle blog together, it was also a huge relief to be pregnant at the same time. It meant there was no tension regarding travel as we were both home with our heads in the toilet most of the nine months!

"As with any twin relationship, there’s always an element of comparison and this crept in at times during our pregnancies. For example, worrying my bump was too small compared to Laura’s or that she was more organised and prepared than I was for motherhood."

The pair ended giving both three days apart in February this year and were on the post-natal ward together for four days.

"With Covid restrictions meaning our partners couldn’t visit much at all, knowing we at least had each other in the hospital was hugely comforting," said Claire .

Little Henry and Olive are now three months old and their mums are loving bringing them up together.

"Once upon a time, we travelled the world full time, overcoming anxiety to do so. These days, while travel is still our passion, we can more often than not be found at home chatting about everything from fashion to books, skincare to motherhood," they said.

The pair, known on Instagram as Twins that Travel, have both struggled with anxiety since childhood. Despite being scared of flying, they became travel bloggers in 2014 after getting bored with their day jobs and fed up of being controlled by their anxiety.

"With mental health we don’t ever want to preach, like we’re ‘fixed’, like travel’s ‘fixed us’. That’s not how it works. We still definitely have really anxious times. We really don’t like flying, for example. But it’s so worth it each time you do it, because you’re confirming to yourself that you can do it. From not being able to go to a’s just put everything into context. Everyone needs a tool for coping with anxiety - we’ve found travel is the best thing we can do to keep going out there," they told Cosmopolitan in an interview.

"Having each other really helps. If one is having a wobble, the other will push her through," they said.