'Message from God' was part of murder plot by son of Milton Keynes church minister

Murder charge churchwarden Ben Field wrote “messages from God” on mirrors to his 83-year-old lover, a court heard this week.

Tuesday, 21st May 2019, 4:04 pm
Ben Field mirror message from God

Olney church minister's son and self-confessed sociopath Field, was just 26 when began a sexual relationship with spinster Ann Moore-Martin.His aim was to persuade the retired headteacher to make him the beneficiary of her will and leave him her £320,000 house when she died, Oxford Crown court was told.But secretly he and his friend Martyn Smith ere plotting to kill her and make her death look like an accident.Field even drew up a list of “exit stategies”, which included dying during sex, falling down the stairs or choking on her dentures, the court heard.Meanwhile, while Ms Moore-Martin was acting like a “lovestruck teenager”, Field and Smith were hiding a grim secret about the death of her neighbour, retired scholar Peter Farquhar.Field, in the guise of Mr Farquhar’s carer, had entered into a gay relationship with him and laced his food and drink with drugs and alcohol until the 69-year-old became a shambling wreck of his former self.He died in 2015, leaving his house and cash to Field, the court heard. Field and Smith now both stand accused of murdering Mr Farquhar and plotting a consipracy to murder Ms Moore-Martin, who died of natural causes in 2017.They are also charged with one count of burglary, three counts of fraud and one count of possession of an article for use in fraud. Field, of Wellingborough Road, Olney, has admitted the three fraud counts and the burglary but Smith denies all charges against him.Field’s brother Tom, 23, also of Olney, is charged with fraud by false representation, which he denied.The prosecutor told the jury this was in relation to the alleged incident where the two Field brothers and Smith convinced Ms Ann Moore-Martin that Tom Field needed £27,000 to buy his kidney dialysis machine so he could remain at university.The trial continues.

Ben Field mirror message from God
Ben Field mirror selfie