Milton Keynes bar and restaurant offers special birthday parties for DOGS

The pets get a party hat, a birthday card and a dog-friendly ice cream sundae

By Sally Murrer
Thursday, 14th October 2021, 3:00 pm

The Brewdog bar and restaurant in Central Milton Keynes is proving a delight for dog lovers and pampered pooches.

For the craft beer venue offers special birthday parties, known as 'pawties' for dogs.

For £5 a pet, they provide a party hat for all the doggy guests. The birthday hound gets VIP treatment with a personally-written birthday card and even a dog-friendly ice cream sundae.

The canine guests get VIP treatment

"Here at Brewdog we are EXTREMELY dog friendly and on occasion are known to prefer the dog to a human!" said a spokesman for the Midsummer Boulevard venue.

The parties are free for human companions and for every £5 fee the venue takes, £1 is donated to the charity Street Dog.

Already the pawties are getting glowing reviews on social media.

"My dog and his friends had an amazing time at Brewdog. It's such a brilliant idea," said one user.

A doggy birthday party in full swing at Brewdog

Some people have used the facility to hold adoption parties after rescuing a dog, while others simply book one to celebrate their pampered pooch.

Brewdog welcomes dogs inside with customers at any time but dog pawties must be pre-booked.

The venue has 20 taps of epic craft beer and also a full burger and wings menu.

A pampered birthday pooch